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Report of the committee on hydrodynamics. (English) JFM 58.0866.07
Bull. Nat. Res. Council Washington 84, 634 p (1932).
Umfassender hydrodynamischer Literaturbericht mit folgender Gliederung: I. The physics of fluids and classical hydrodynamics (1. General survey of experimental aerodynamics; 2. The hydrodynamics of a perfect fluid; 3. General physical properties of a viscous fluid); II. Motion of an incompressible viscous fluid (1. General analytical theory; 2. Motion in one direction; 3. Viscous fluid in rotation; 4. Motion in two dimensions; 5. Laminar motion in a boundary layer; 6. Motion in three dimensions; 7. Approximate methods of calculating the resistance to motion through a viscous fluid); III. Turbulent flow (1. General theory; 2. The use of the idea of eddy viscosity; 3. Hydraulic flow in channels of various shapes); IV. Compressible fluids (1. Dynamical equations of motion; 2. Discharge of gases; 3. Flow past an irregular boundary or obstacle). Additional references; Author index; Subject index.