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Homotopy theory of schemes. (Théorie homotopique des schémas.) (French) Zbl 0933.55021
Astérisque. 256. Paris: Société Mathématique de France, 119 p. (1999).
The author’s abstract: “We propose a general framework in order to apply standard methods from homotopy theory to the category of smooth schemes over a reasonable base scheme. We show that some expected properties are satisfied, for example concerning algebraic \(K\)-theory of those schemes”.
Reviewer: K.H.Kamps (Hagen)

55U35 Abstract and axiomatic homotopy theory in algebraic topology
55-02 Research exposition (monographs, survey articles) pertaining to algebraic topology
13D15 Grothendieck groups, \(K\)-theory and commutative rings
19E08 \(K\)-theory of schemes
19D25 Karoubi-Villamayor-Gersten \(K\)-theory