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Mathematics in medieval Europe. (Matematika ve středověké Evropě.) (Czech) Zbl 1077.01006

Dějiny Matematiky / History of Mathematics 19. Prague: Prometheus (ISBN 80-7196-232-5). 445 p., open access (2001).
Reviewer: Ivan Saxl (Praha)
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Philosophy: accident, epiphenomenon or contributory cause of the changing trends of mathematics. A sketch of the development from the twelfth through the sixteenth century. (English) Zbl 0631.01002

Filosofi og Videnskabsteori på Roskilde Universitetscenter. 1. Raekke: Enkeltpublikationer, Nr. 1. Roskilde (Denmark): Roskilde University Centre. Institute of Educational Research, Media Studies and Theory of Science. 99 p. (1987).
Reviewer: J.J.Burckhardt
MSC:  01A35 01A40 00A30

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