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On foliations with nef anti-canonical bundle. (English) Zbl 1388.14056
Let \(X\) be a complex projective manifold, and let \(\mathcal F \subset T_X\) be a foliation, i.e. an integrable saturated subsheaf. In analogy to the classification of projective manifolds via the MMP, one expects that the anticanonical divisor \(-K_{\mathcal F} = \det(\mathcal F)\) of the foliation encodes an important part of its geometry. For Fano foliations, i.e. the case when \(-K_{\mathcal F}\) is ample, this has been studied in detail by C. Araujo and the author [Math. Ann. 360, No. 3–4, 769–798 (2014; Zbl 1396.14035); Adv. Math. 238, 70–118 (2013; Zbl 1282.14085)]. In this paper he considers the more general situation where \(-K_{\mathcal F}\) is nef. Suppose morever that the foliation \(\mathcal F\) is regular or has at least one compact leaf. The first result of this paper says that the divisor \(-K_{\mathcal F}\) is not nef and big, thereby generalising a well-known theorem of Y. Miyaoka on the relative canonical bundle of a fibration over a curve [Comment. Math. Univ. St. Pauli 42, No. 1, 1–7 (1993; Zbl 0813.14001)]. For a codimension one foliation this immediately implies that the Kodaira dimension of \(-K_{\mathcal F}\) is at most equal to its rank. For foliations of arbitrary codimension the same property is shown under the stronger assumption that the Kodaira dimension of \(-K_{\mathcal F}\) is equal to its numerical dimension. Moreover one has \(\kappa(-K_{\mathcal F})=\text{rk}(\mathcal F)\) if and only if \(\mathcal F\) is algebraically integrable. The proof is based on the construction of an almost proper map \(\varphi : X \dashrightarrow Y\) such that \(\mathcal F = \varphi^{-1} \mathcal G\) for some foliation \(\mathcal G \subset T_Y\) that is purely transcendental.

14E30 Minimal model program (Mori theory, extremal rays)
37F75 Dynamical aspects of holomorphic foliations and vector fields
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