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Book review of: L. E. Sigler, Fibonacci’s Liber abaci. A translation into modern English of Leonardo Pisano’s Book of calculation. (English) Zbl 1080.00005
This is a presentations of the first translation into a modern language (English) of the Latin manuscript of Fibonacci’s Liber Abaci. The translation was based on the printed edition of Scritti di Leonardo Pisano (Rome 1857) by B. Boncompagni. Fibonacci’s life and achievements are presented in the introduction. Published originally in the year 1202, this work was the first dissemination throughout Europe of the Indian-Arabic numeration system, with proofs based on the principles used in Euclidean mathematics. Some basic aspects are pointed out: Fibonacci’s familiarity with ideas equivalent to algebraic symbolism; understanding of negative numbers; use of fractions capable of representing the decimal system; availability of elementary modular arithmetic and of Diophantine thinking as tools in problem-solving.
Review of [Zbl 1038.01025].
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