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Multiple equivalent matings with the aeroplane polynomial – erratum. (English) Zbl 1198.37073
In [M. Rees, Ergodic Theory Dyn. Syst. 30, No. 4, 1239–1257 (2010; Zbl 1291.37069)] the definition of \(w_{k,n}\) and \(u_{k,n}\) for \(0<k<n\), just before Lemma 2.6, should be: \(w_{k,n}\) and \(u_{k,n}\) are obtained from \(w_n\) (not \(v_n\)) and \(u_n\) respectively, by replacing every occurrence of \(a\) which precedes a word \(v_k\) or \(t_k\) or \(u_k\) by \(b\). (The words \(t_{k,n}\) are not needed. The definition of \(r_{k,n}\) in 2.8 is correct.)
In the statement of Lemma 2.6: one additional suffix \(u\) of \(v_nu_n\) which satisfies \(v_nu_n< u< w_{n,k}u_{n,k}\) is \(u=u_k\).
37F10 Dynamics of complex polynomials, rational maps, entire and meromorphic functions; Fatou and Julia sets
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