Basic lectures in general topology. (Lecturas básicas en topología general.) (Spanish) Zbl 1079.00509

Aportaciones Matemáticas. Comunicaciones 28. México: Sociedad Matemática Mexicana (ISBN 968-36-8831-4/pbk). ix, 333 p. (2000).
Table of contents: Contents: Part 1. Fundamental constructions in the topology of sets: M. Fréchet, On the notion of neighborhood in a discrete space [JFM 52.0586.03] (27–35); K. Kuratowski, On the operation \(\overline A\) of analysis situs [JFM 48.0210.04] (37–54); Paul Alexandroff, On continuous functions of compact spaces [JFM 52.0584.03] (55–72); F. Hausdorff, Echelon spaces [JFM 61.0628.02] (73–88).
Part 2. Spaces, structures and pioneering results: P. Alexandroff and P. Urysohn, On the theory of topological spaces [JFM 50.0128.06] (115–123); Paul Alexandroff, On the structure of bicompact topological spaces [JFM 50.0128.07] (125–133); P. Alexandroff, On the metrization of locally compact topological spaces [JFM 50.0128.04] (135–143); F. Hausdorff, Extension of a homeomorphism [JFM 56.0508.03] (145–151); A. Tychonoff, On the topological extension of spaces [JFM 55.0963.01] (153–171); V. Niemytzki and A. Tychonoff, Proof of the theorem that a metrizable space is compact if and only if every metric on it is complete [JFM 54.0625.02] (173–175); F. Hausdorff, Unions of \(\aleph_1\) sets [JFM 62.0228.03] (177–191); F. Hausdorff, The sets \(G_\delta\) in complete spaces [JFM 50.0141.01] (193–195); F. Hausdorff, On interior maps [Zbl 0010.03903] (197–208); F. Hausdorff, Extension of a continuous function [Zbl 0018.27704] (209–216).
Part 3. The problem of metrization: Pavel Urysohn, On a universal metric space [JFM 53.0556.01] (239–274); P. Urysohn, On the metrization of compact topological spaces [JFM 50.0128.03] (275–293); Pavel Uryshon, On the metrization problem [JFM 51.0453.01] (295–301); Pavel Urysohn, Hilbert space as the inverse image of metric spaces [JFM 50.0128.05] (303–305); A. Tychonoff, On a metrization theorem of P. Urysohn [JFM 51.0453.02] (307–311); L. M. Villegas, A. Sestier and J. Olivares, An outline of topology (313–321).
This is a collection of Spanish translations of classic papers on general topology divided into three parts, each opening with an introduction giving background information on the papers and their authors in that part. The introductions also include many photographs.
The papers will not be reviewed individually.


00B50 Collections of translated articles of general interest
54-03 History of general topology