Selected papers. Editorial committee: Karol Borsuk (editor-in-chief), Ryszard Engelking, Czesław Ryll-Nardzewski. (English, French) Zbl 0671.01030

Warszawa: PWN-Polish Scientific Publishers. li, 609 p. (1988).
To anyone having had the good fortune to already have encountered some of the modern classics by Kuratowski such as his two volume “Topology” (cf. Zbl 0008.13202, Zbl 0041.09603, Zbl 0078.14603, Zbl 0158.40802, Zbl 0158.40901, Zbl 0049.39704, Zbl 0102.37602) or “Introduction à la théorie des ensembles et à la topologie” (cf. Zbl 0065.15605, Zbl 0098.24110, Zbl 0104.27402 and Zbl 0136.19002) or even his “Introduction to calculus” (cf. Zbl 0099.26901) the present selecta will be most welcome.
The present volume begins with five introductory sections. The first is a personal reminiscence of Kuratowski by Stanislaw Ulam; the second a biographical sketch by Antoni Zygmund; the third, by Ryszard Engelking, is entitled “On the topological papers of Kazimierz Kuratowski”; the fourth, by L. Pacholski and C. Ryll-Nardzewski, discusses Kuratowski’s research work in abstract and descriptive set theory and in the theory of selectors; the fifth section is a listing of Kuratowski’s publications. The listing of publications is divided into four sections, chronologically arranged within each section, as follows: A. Research papers and announcements, 172 items covering the period 1917-1979; B. Papers on mathematical life in Poland and history of mathematics. Miscellanea. 35 items are listed and cover the period 1947-1982; C. Books, 19 items (several are translations into various languages of items earlier in this list) spanning the period 1933-1981; D. Mimeographed lecture notes, 3 items, 1924, 1953, and 1955.
Of the 49 papers included in the present volume, 40 are in French, 8 in English, and 1 in German. Included among the 49 are the two papers which constituted Kuratowski’s Ph. D. thesis (numbers 15 and 16 in the list of part “A”) and which were published in the third volume of Fundam. Math. (182-199 and 200-231). The selected papers, arranged chronologically as well, cover the period 1921 to 1979. Unfortunately, the publishers did not provide a cross index in the list of publications to indicate the included items in the present volume. Such a cross reference would have been most helpful.
The value of the present volume of Kuratowski’s papers can perhaps be best summed up by the final two sentences of Zygmund’s sketch: “[Kuratowski’s] lectures played a great role not only in enriching the contacts between Polish mathematicians and those of other countries, but also in the development of mathematics itself. The publication of Kuratowski’s Selected Papers should contribute to furthering these aims.”
Reviewer: F.J.Papp


01A75 Collected or selected works; reprintings or translations of classics
03Exx Set theory
54-XX General topology
54Cxx Maps and general types of topological spaces defined by maps
54Fxx Special properties of topological spaces