Rélations d’équivalence sur les courbes algébriques ayants des points multiples. (French) Zbl 0134.16504

Sémin. Bourbaki 5 (1952/53), Exp. No. 75, 8 p. (1959).
In 1952 and 1954 M. Rosenlicht published two papers on algebraic curves with singularities) and their Picard varieties (called generalized Jacobian varieties in the case of curves) [Ann. Math. (2) 56, 169–191 (1952; Zbl 0047.14503); 59, 505–530 (1954; Zbl 0058.37002)]. These papers were written with the help of the notions introduced in algebraic geometry by Weil. These two Bourbaki talks review the results of Rosenlicht in that language. The results of Rosenlicht remained very important in algebraic geometry. The best place to find the precise statements and their proof nowadays is the book of J.-P. Serre [Groupes algébriques et corps de classes. Paris: Hermann (1959; Zbl 0097.35604)].
Joint review for this article and Zbl 0134.16505.
Reviewer: Frans Oort


14-XX Algebraic geometry
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