Proceedings of the fifth Berkeley symposium on mathematical statistics and probability held at the Statistical Laboratory University of California June 21 – July 18, 1965 and December 27, 1965 – January 7, 1966. Vol. II, Part 1: Contributions to probability theory. (English) Zbl 0189.27704

Berkeley-Los Angeles: University of California Press. xvi, 447 p. (1967).
The articles will be reviewed individually under the abbreviation “Proc. 5th Berkeley Symp. Math. Stat. Probab., Univ. Calif. 1965/66, 2, Part 1 (1967)”.
For Vols 1 and 2,2 see Zbl 0189.27703 and Zbl 0209.18902.
Table of contents:
Probability on Algebraic Structures
Simeon M. Berman, Sign-invariant random elements in topological groups (1–11); Zbl 0218.60010
R. Gangolli, Abstract harmonic analysis and Lévy’s Brownian motion of several parameters (13–30); Zbl 0212.19503
Leonard Gross, Abstract Wiener spaces (31–42); Zbl 0187.40903
Édith Mourier, Random elements in linear spaces (43–53); Zbl 0187.41001
Czesław Ryll-Nardzewski, On fixed points of semigroups of endomorphisms of linear spaces (55–61); Zbl 0189.17501
A. Ionescu Tulcea and C. Ionescu Tulcea, On the existence of a lifting commuting with the left translations of an arbitrary locally compact group (63–97); Zbl 0201.49202.
Distributions in Functional Spaces
Hermann Dinges, Random shifts of stationary processes (99–116); Zbl 0212.19802
Takeyuki Hida and Nobuyuki Ikeda, Analysis on Hilbert space with reproducing kernel arising from multiple Wiener integral (117–143); Zbl 0212.19803
Kiyosi Itô, Generalized uniform complex measures in the Hilbertian metric space with their application to the Feynman integral (145–161);
A. V. Skorohod (Skorokhod), On the densities of probability measures in functional spaces (163–182); Zbl 0189.17502
Lester E. Dubins and David A. Freedman, Random distribution functions (183–214); Zbl 0201.49502.
Stochastic Processes and Prediction
Harald Cramér, A contribution to the multiplicity theory of stochastic processes (215–221); Zbl 0201.49601
R. M. Dudley, On prediction theory for nonstationary sequences (223–234); Zbl 0184.41703
K. Urbanik, Some prediction problems for strictly stationary processes (235–258); Zbl 0226.60065
A. M. Yaglom, Outline of some topics in linear extrapolation of stationary random processes (259–278); Zbl 0189.18401.
M. Brelot, Capacity and balayage for decreasing sets (279–293); Zbl 0314.60056
Lester E. Dubins and Gideon Schwarz, On extremal martingale distributions (295–299); Zbl 0233.60045
Steven Orey, F-processes (301–313); Zbl 0201.49902
Volker Strassen, Almost sure behavior of sums of independent random variables and martingales (315–343); Zbl 0201.49903.
Special Problems
D. A. Darling, Some limit theorems associated with multinomial trials (345–350); Zbl 0201.50801
Gerard Debreu, Integration of correspondences (351–372); Zbl 0211.52803
William Feller, On regular variation and local limit theorems (373–388); Zbl 0214.17303
Miloslav Jiřina, General branching processes with continuous time parameter (389–399); Zbl 0201.49601
Eugene Lukacs, On the arithmetical properties of certain entire characteristic functions (401–414); Zbl 0189.18101
Herman Rubin, Supports of convolutions of identical distributions (415–422); Zbl 0216.46201
E. Sparre Andersen, An algebraic treatment of fluctuations of sums of random variables (423–429); Zbl 0221.62014
Lajos Takács, On combinatorial methods in the theory of stochastic processes (431–447); Zbl 0189.17602.


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