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Curvature conditions on hypersurfaces with two distinct principal curvatures. (English) Zbl 1089.53022

Opozda, Barbara (ed.) et al., PDEs, submanifolds and affine differential geometry. Proceedings of the conference and autumn school, Bȩdlewo, Poland, September 23–27, 2003. Warsaw: Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Mathematics. Banach Center Publications 69, 133-143 (2005).
MSC:  53B25 53B20 53C25

Properties of the Weyl conformally curvature of Kähler-Norden manifolds. (English) Zbl 0990.53072

Kozma, L. (ed.) et al., Steps in differential geometry. Proceedings of the colloquium on differential geometry, Debrecen, Hungary, July 25-30, 2000. Debrecen: Univ. Debrecen, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, 317-328 (2001).
MSC:  53C56 53C55
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Comments on pseudo-symmetry in the sense of Ryszard Deszcz. (English) Zbl 0846.53034

Dillen, Franki (ed.) et al., Geometry and topology of submanifolds, VI. Proceedings of the international meetings on ‘Pure and applied differential geometry’ and on ‘Theory of submanifolds’ which were held in combination on July 10, 11, 14, 1993 at Leuven and on July 12, 13, 1993 at Brussels, Belgium. Singapore: World Scientific. 199-209 (1994).
MSC:  53C35

Pseudosymmetry type curvature properties of hypersurfaces. (English) Zbl 0839.53039

Dillen, Franki (ed.) et al., Geometry and topology of submanifolds, V. Proceedings of the conferences on ‘Differential geometry and vision’ and ‘Theory of submanifolds’ held in combination at Leuven and Brussels, Belgium, July 1992. Singapore: World Scientific. 109-131 (1993).
MSC:  53C40 53C50

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