Baruch de Spinoza: Collected works. Vol. 2. Ethics as described in geometric order. Dual Latin-German text. Translated from the Latin, edited and with an introduction by Wolfgang Bartuschat. (Baruch de Spinoza: Sämtliche Werke. Band 2. Ethik in geometrischer Ordnung dargestellt. Lateinisch–Deutsch. Neu übersetzt, herausgegeben, mit einer Einleitung versehen von Wolfgang Bartuschat.) (German, Latin) Zbl 0948.01041

Philosophische Bibliothek. 92. Hamburg: Felix Meiner Verlag. xxxii, 612 S. (1999).
Spinoza’s “Ethics” was his main work posthumously published in 1677. The author wrote it in the manner of Euclid’s Elements, that is every of the five parts is preceded by definitions, axioms, and/or postulates. Everything is demonstrated like in a mathematical textbook. The five parts deal with God, the nature and origin of mind, the origin and nature of affects, human servitude or the forces of affects, the power of intellect or human liberty. This bilingual edition comprehends a reprint of Gebhardt’s edition of the Latin text (1925) and the new (fourth) extremely reliable, masterly German translation by W. Bartuschat. He added an introduction, a Latin-German glossary and a subject index as well.


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