LaTeX a printing office in your hands. (LaTeX una imprenta en sus manos.) (Spanish) Zbl 0943.68178

Madrid: Aula Documental de Investigación. xxxvii, 680 p. (2000).
This is a comprehensive introduction to the TEX typesetting system based on the LATEX macro package. The text roughly follows the standard outline, but goes beyond the usual texts in the choice of topics treated. Besides core LATEX many popular packages and tools – e.g., fancyhdr, minitoc, epic, color, calc, treetex, chemsym, to mention just a few – are presented, even MetaPost (for graphics), musixtex (for music), and foreign language packages (like arabtex) are included. Moreover, fortunately the authors do not restrict themselves to ‘pure’ LATEX markup, manual style, but also treat background information, ‘plain’ TEX functionality (like \(\backslash\)string\(\backslash\)def), and useful things like how to write BIB TEX styles. (Though some implementation related topics – like PostScript and TrueType fonts, dviwin, and HTML or PDF output – are discussed, issues of operating systems are not included.) Thus, for most typesetting problems, this book will offer help – if not it’s solution, then at least a pointer to its solution. It is a welcome addition to the TeX literature in general, not only that of the Spanish speaking world.
Reviewer: P.Schmitt (Wien)


68U15 Computing methodologies for text processing; mathematical typography
68-01 Introductory exposition (textbooks, tutorial papers, etc.) pertaining to computer science


TeX; LaTeX