Wilder’s thoughts on mathematical evolution and others’ comments. (Chinese. English summary) Zbl 1449.01026

Summary: Wilder is a famous American mathematician who contributed a great deal in the field of topology research. Affected by his interest and study in anthropology, he tried to apply the method of cultural anthropology research to the history of mathematics when he started the philosophical thinking on mathematical basis problem. He looked mathematics as a sub-cultural system in the whole human cultural system and described the mathematical development from the beginning to modern times as a natural process of culture evolution. He revealed the driving forces and laws of mathematics evolution and his thoughts on mathematics evolution were reviewed by many famous mathematicians, philosophers, historians and anthropologists. It would be very inspiring to study the Wilder’s theory for our research on the history of mathematics.


01A99 History of mathematics and mathematicians
00A30 Philosophy of mathematics

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Wilder, Raymond Louis
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