CAFISE framework based development for service oriented applications with high adaptability. (Chinese. English summary) Zbl 1100.68555

Summary: In enterprise information systems and e-government systems, the problems caused by the changes of heterogeneous distributed resources and requirements are becoming more and more serious. How to make an application accommodate to these changes rapidly has become a hot research topic. This paper presents an adaptive service-oriented software framework, named as CAFISE (Convergent Approach For Information System Evolution) Framework for supporting business-end programming, and a CAFISE Framework based development method for service-oriented adaptive software. The CAFISE Framework enables to encapsulate the heterogeneous resources into business services and provides strong supports for open and dynamic service-oriented software architecture.
Beginning with analyzing the environment factors that affect an application, the CAFISE Framework based development method supports software architecture design according to the changes that the application will adapt to, with quality feature driven architecture analysis, and facilitates the just-in-time development and evolution of service oriented applications by architecture based business-end programming. The actual applications and experimental results show that the service-oriented enterprise information systems and e-government systems developed with the framework and the method of this paper can accommodate better to the changes of heterogeneous resource and business requirements, and can continuously evolve with lower costs.


68N99 Theory of software