Existence of ground state solutions for critical fractional Choquard equations involving periodic magnetic field. (English) Zbl 1496.35430

Summary: In this paper, we consider the following critical fractional magnetic Choquard equation: \[ \begin{aligned} {\varepsilon }^{2s}{(-\Delta)}_{A/\varepsilon}^su+V(x)u \,= \; &{\varepsilon}^{\alpha-N} \left(\int_{\mathbb{R}^N} \frac{|u(y)|^{2_{s,\alpha}^\ast}}{|x-y|^\alpha}\mathrm{d}y\right) |u|^{2_{s,\alpha}^\ast-2}u \\ & +{\varepsilon }^{\alpha-N}\left(\int_{\mathbb{R}^N}\frac{F(y,| u(y)|^2)}{| x-y|^\alpha} \mathrm{d}y\right) f(x,|u|^2)u \quad\text{in }\mathbb{R}^N, \end{aligned} \] where \(\varepsilon > 0\), \(s\in (0,1)\), \(\alpha \in (0,N)\), \(N> \max \{2 \mu +4s,2s+\alpha /2\}\), \(2_{s,\alpha}^{\ast}=\frac{2N-\alpha}{N-2s}\) is the upper critical exponent in the sense of Hardy-Littlewood-Sobolev inequality, \((-\Delta)_A^s\) stands for the fractional Laplacian with periodic magnetic field A of \(C^{0,\mu}\)-class with \(\mu \in (0,1]\) and \(V\) is a continuous potential and allows to be sign-changing. Under some mild assumptions imposed on \(V\) and \(f\), we establish the existence of at least one ground state solution.


35R11 Fractional partial differential equations
35A15 Variational methods applied to PDEs
35J61 Semilinear elliptic equations
35R09 Integro-partial differential equations
58E05 Abstract critical point theory (Morse theory, Lyusternik-Shnirel’man theory, etc.) in infinite-dimensional spaces
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