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Finite semifields: a brief history and current directions. (English) Zbl 1497.12007

Kal’menov, Tynysbek (ed.) et al., International conference ‘Functional analysis in interdisciplinary applications’, FAIA2017, Astana, Kazakhstan, October 2–5, 2017. Proceedings. Melville, NY: American Institute of Physics (AIP). AIP Conf. Proc. 1880, 030003, 13 p. (2017).
MSC:  12K10 12-02 51E20
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New perfect nonlinear multinomials over \(\mathbb F_{p^{2k}}\) for any odd prime \(p\). (English) Zbl 1177.94137

Golomb, Solomon W. (ed.) et al., Sequences and their applications – SETA 2008. 5th international conference, Lexington, KY, USA, September 14–18, 2008 Proceedings. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-540-85911-6/pbk). Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5203, 403-414 (2008).
MSC:  94A60 11T71 12K10
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