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Formalising mathematics in simple type theory. (English) Zbl 1528.03098

Centrone, Stefania (ed.) et al., Reflections on the foundations of mathematics. Univalent foundations, set theory and general thoughts. Based on the conference on foundations of mathematics: univalent foundations and set theory, FOMUS, Bielefeld, Germany, July 18–23, 2016. Cham: Springer. Synth. Libr. 407, 437-453 (2019).
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Objectivity and truth in mathematics: a sober non-Platonist perspective. (English) Zbl 1469.03020

Centrone, Stefania (ed.) et al., Mathesis universalis, computability and proof. Based on the Humboldt-Kolleg “Proof theory as mathesis universalis”, held at the German-Italian Centre for European Excellence, Villa Vigoni, Loveno di Menaggio, Como, Italy, July 24–28, 2017. Cham: Springer. Synth. Libr. 412, 159-202 (2019).
MSC:  03A05 00A30
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Gödel and intuitionism. (English) Zbl 1336.03003

Dubucs, Jacques (ed.) et al., Constructivity and computability in historical and philosophical perspective. Dordrecht: Springer (ISBN 978-94-017-9216-5/hbk; 978-94-017-9217-2/ebook). Logic, Epistemology, and the Unity of Science 34, 169-214 (2014).
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