Effective properties of hierarchical fiber-reinforced composites via a three-scale asymptotic homogenization approach. (English) Zbl 07273382

Summary: The study of the properties of multiscale composites is of great interest in engineering and biology. Particularly, hierarchical composite structures can be found in nature and in engineering. During the past decades, the multiscale asymptotic homogenization technique has shown its potential in the description of such composites by taking advantage of their characteristics at the smaller scales, ciphered in the so-called effective coefficients. Here, we extend previous works by studying the in-plane and out-of-plane effective properties of hierarchical linear elastic solid composites via a three-scale asymptotic homogenization technique. In particular, the approach is adjusted for a multiscale composite with a square-symmetric arrangement of uniaxially aligned cylindrical fibers, and the formulae for computing its effective properties are provided. Finally, we show the potential of the proposed asymptotic homogenization procedure by modeling the effective properties of musculoskeletal mineralized tissues, and we compare the results with theoretical and experimental data for bone and tendon tissues.


74-XX Mechanics of deformable solids
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