On the interaction between oncoming internal waves and a dense gravity current in a two-layer stratification. (English) Zbl 07442572

Summary: A series of laboratory experiments was conducted to investigate the dynamics of a dense gravity current flowing down an inclined slope into a two-layer stratification in the presence of oncoming internal interfacial waves. The experiment is set up such that the gravity current propagates towards a wave maker emitting interfacial waves such that the current and waves propagate in opposite directions. The results were compared with the case of gravity current without oncoming waves. The gravity current splits into a portion that inserts itself into the pycnocline as an interflow and another that propagates down the slope as an underflow, with the proportionality depending on the characteristics of the gravity current and the oncoming waves when they are present. The interflow is shown to arise from a combination of detrainment and the preferential insertion of fluid with density greater than the upper layer and less than lower layer along the pycnocline. The mass flux of the interflow is observed to be reduced by the oncoming waves, as waves act to decrease the interflow velocity. The internal waves also increase the path length that the interflow must travel. A combination of reduced velocities and increased path length explains the observed reduction in cumulative flux. The trend of the final cumulative flux is consistent with the mass change observed by comparing density profiles obtained before and after the experiment.


76-XX Fluid mechanics
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