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Compositional data in geostatistics: a log-ratio based framework to analyze regionalized compositions. (English) Zbl 1451.86011
Summary: Problems with compositional data, like spurious correlation and negative bias, are well known in the Geosciences. Not so well known is the fact that the same problems appear when dealing with regionalized compositions. Here, these problems are illustrated, and a solution, based on the principle of working in coordinates using orthonormal logratio representations, is presented. This approach offers a tool for standard geostatistical studies. One of the advantages the method has is that it allows the usual inconsistencies with indicator kriging to be overcome through simplicial indicator kriging. A general way of modelling crossvariograms of coordinates, based on the matrix valued variation variogram, is discussed. In summary, the main aspects related to the modelling and analysis of regionalized compositions have had satisfactory solutions found for them. The proposed methodology is illustrated with public data from a survey concerning arsenic contamination in underground water in Bangladesh.
86A32 Geostatistics
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