Outer approximation method for zeros of sum of monotone operators and fixed point problems in Banach spaces. (English) Zbl 07457420

Summary: In this paper, we investigate a hybrid algorithm for finding zeros of the sum of maximal monotone operators and Lipschitz continuous monotone operators which is also a common fixed point problem for finite family of relatively quasi-nonexpansive mappings and split feasibility problem in uniformly convex real Banach spaces which are also uniformly smooth. The iterative algorithm employed in this paper is design in such a way that it does not require prior knowledge of operator norm. We prove a strong convergence result for approximating the solutions of the aforementioned problems and give applications of our main result to minimization problem and convexly constrained linear inverse problem.


47H06 Nonlinear accretive operators, dissipative operators, etc.
47H09 Contraction-type mappings, nonexpansive mappings, \(A\)-proper mappings, etc.
47J05 Equations involving nonlinear operators (general)
47J25 Iterative procedures involving nonlinear operators
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