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Synchronisation of weakly coupled oscillators. (English) Zbl 1501.70001

Pinto, Alberto (ed.) et al., Modeling, dynamics, optimization and bioeconomics IV. Selected papers based on the presentations at the 6th international conference on dynamics games and science 2018 (DGS-VI-2018) and the 19th Jornadas Latinoamericanas de teora económica (Jolate-XIX). Madrid, Spain, May 2018, and ICABR, Berkeley, USA, May–June 2017. Selected contributions. Cham: Springer. Springer Proc. Math. Stat. 365, 323-354 (2021).
MSC:  70-06 34D06 92B25
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New results on the application of the passification method. A survey. (English. Russian original) Zbl 1398.93298

Autom. Remote Control 79, No. 6, 957-995 (2018); translation from Avtom. Telemekh. 2018, No. 6, 3-48 (2018).
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