Mathematical models regarding the basic informative elements for the classical computers and the quantum computers respectively. (English) Zbl 1312.81043

Summary: In this paper, we use the result obtained in a previous paper [the authors, “Dual and bipolar mathematical models derived from the solutions of two very simple mathematical equations and their application in physics”, ibid. 4, No. 1, 1–7 (2012)] regarding the pairs of the DUAL roots \((+1 \text{ OR} -1)\) and respectively BIPOLAR roots \((+1 \text{ AND } -1)\) of a couple of equations “seen in the mirror” \((y^2\pm 1=0)\) and with the help of a mathematical artifice we arrive to the basic informative elements characteristic to the classical computers \((1 \text{ OR } 0)\) and respectively to the quantum computers \((1 \text{ AND } 0)\). In this way, we also prove that the two categories of the basic informative elements have joint origin in the couple of the equations mentioned above.


81P68 Quantum computation
68Q12 Quantum algorithms and complexity in the theory of computing