Application of TauSpinner for studies on \(\tau\)-lepton polarization and spin correlations in \(ZW\) and \(H\) decays at the LHC. (English) Zbl 1371.81368

Summary: The \(\tau\) lepton plays an important role in the physics program at the Large Hadron Collider. Spin of the \(\tau\) lepton represents an interesting phenomenological quantity which can be used for separation of signal from background in searches for New Physics processes or in measuring properties of New Particles decaying to \(\tau\) leptons. A proper treatment of \(\tau\) spin effects in the Monte Carlo simulations is important for understanding the detector acceptance and for measurements of \(\tau\) polarization and \(\tau\) spin correlations. The TauSpinner package is a software tool allowing to modify \(\tau\) spin effects in any event sample containing \(\tau\) leptons. By calculating spin weights, attributed on the event-by-event basis, it enables numerical evaluation and/or modification of the spin effects on experimentally measured distributions. We review a selection of simple distributions which can be used to monitor longitudinal spin effects in \(\tau\) decays. New methods, with respect to previous publications, for validation of spin content of the user-prepared event sample are provided.


81V35 Nuclear physics
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