Cayley graphs of order \(kp\) are Hamiltonian for \(k < 48\). (English) Zbl 1441.05106

Summary: We provide a computer-assisted proof that if \(G\) is any finite group of order kp, where \(1 \leq k < 48\) and \(p\) is prime, then every connected Cayley graph on \(G\) is hamiltonian (unless \(kp = 2\)). As part of the proof, it is verified that every connected Cayley graph of order less than 48 is either hamiltonian connected or hamiltonian laceable (or has valence \(\leq 2)\).


05C25 Graphs and abstract algebra (groups, rings, fields, etc.)
05C45 Eulerian and Hamiltonian graphs


GAP; SmallGrp
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