Weakly informative reparameterizations for location-scale mixtures. (English) Zbl 07498995

Summary: While mixtures of Gaussian distributions have been studied for more than a century, the construction of a reference Bayesian analysis of those models remains unsolved, with a general prohibition of improper priors due to the ill-posed nature of such statistical objects. This difficulty is usually bypassed by an empirical Bayes resolution. By creating a new parameterization centered on the mean and possibly the variance of the mixture distribution itself, we manage to develop here a weakly informative prior for a wide class of mixtures with an arbitrary number of components. We demonstrate that some posterior distributions associated with this prior and a minimal sample size are proper. We provide Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) implementations that exhibit the expected exchangeability. We only study here the univariate case, the extension to multivariate location-scale mixtures being currently under study. An R package called Ultimixt is associated with this article. Supplementary material for this article is available online.


62-XX Statistics
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