Algebra and model theory. 3. Collection of papers from the 4th summer school “Intermediate problems of model theory and universal algebra”, Erlogol, Russia, June 25–29, 2001. (Algebra i teoriya modelej. 3. Sbornik trudov.) (English, Russian. English summary) Zbl 0984.00010

Novosibirsk: Novosibirsk State Technical University. 162 p. (2001).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. Vol. 1 and 2 of this collection (1997 and 1999) have been reviewed (see Zbl 0882.00011 and Zbl 0932.00008).
Indexed articles:
Bayanova, N. V.; Medvedev, N. Ya., The automorphism group of a free vector lattice, 8-13 [Zbl 1033.06007]
Chajda, Ivan, Ternary deductive systems, 14-18 [Zbl 1014.03058]
Glass, A. M. W., Central orders on linear groups, 19-22 [Zbl 1014.06016]
Glass, A. M. W., Convex sublattice subgroups of free abelian lattice-ordered groups, 23-25 [Zbl 1013.06020]
Glazek, Kazimierz, Weak automorphisms in general algebras – a short survey, 26-31 [Zbl 1014.08003]
Korczyński, Waldemar; Głazek, Kazimierz, On some connections between Petri nets and semirings, 32-50 [Zbl 1016.16038]
Korczyński, Waldemar, On a topological presentation of hypergraphs, 51-60 [Zbl 1010.05046]
Kopytov, V. M.; Rachůnek, J., On varieties of groups of monotone transformations, 61-70 [Zbl 1013.06019]
Kulpeshov, B. Sh., On \(\aleph_0\)-categorical weakly o-minimal theories of convexity rank 1, 71-75 [Zbl 1014.03043]
Mardaev, S. I., Fixed points in quasiordered Kripke models, 76-82 [Zbl 1014.03045]
Ovchinnikova, E. V., Nonlinearly ordered monoid over which the class of regular polygons is complete but not model complete, 83-98 [Zbl 1016.20044]
Pinus, A. G., Positive conditional varieties, 99-106 [Zbl 1015.08007]
Pinus, A. G.; Zhurkov, S. V., Some remarks on the scales of computability potentials for \(n\)-element algebras, 107-113 [Zbl 1015.08004]
Yenigul, Sherif; Ponomarev, K. N., On near-modules, near-algebras and on the notion of centroid for near-rings, 114-118 [Zbl 1016.16036]
Popova, Asya M.; Tchernykh, Ilya Dm., Units in integral group rings of finite groups, 119-125 [Zbl 1016.16020]
Stukachev, A. I., \(\Sigma\)-admissible families in structures of the form \(\operatorname{HYP}({\mathfrak M})\), 126-130 [Zbl 1014.03516]
Sudoplatov, S. V., Closed sets of side-angle matrices and correspondent geometrical structures, 131-135 [Zbl 1017.51006]
Verbovskiy, V. V., Non-uniformly weakly o-minimal group, 136-145 [Zbl 1014.03042]
Vernikov, B. M., On special elements in the congruence lattices of \(G\)-sets, 146-157 [Zbl 1014.08007]


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