Algebra and model theory 5. Collection of papers from the 5th summer school “Intermediate problems of model theory and universal algebra”, Erlogol, Russia, June 26–July 1, 2005. (English, Russian. English summary) Zbl 1087.03003

Novosibirsk: Novosibirsk State Technical University (ISBN 5-7782-0551-1/pbk). 288 p. (2005).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The 4th school (2001) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0984.00010).
Indexed articles:
Chajda, I.; Radeleczki, S., On congruences of algebras defined on sectionally pseudocomplemented lattices, 8-27 [Zbl 1101.06006]
Chibrikov, E. S., A right normed basis for free Lie (super)algebras, 28-38 [Zbl 1104.17002]
Churkin, V. A., Some groups of continuum cardinality which have no faithful action on a countable set., 39-43 [Zbl 1103.20032]
Gazdanova, M. A., On strong reality of the group of lower triangular \(6\times 6\) matrices over a field of characteristic 2., 44-53 [Zbl 1103.20044]
Koryukin, A. N., Root system \(E_8\), 54-72 [Zbl 1104.17005]
Medvedev, N. Yu., On the quasivariety of orderable groups., 73-78 [Zbl 1103.20020]
Medvedev, N. Ya.; Varaksina, M. A., Lattice orders of the group of \(\operatorname{Aut} \mathbb Q\), 79-87 [Zbl 1103.06008]
Medvedev, N. Ya.; Kuryleva, O. A., Interpretation of arithmetic in the lattice of ideals of a free abelian \(l\)-group with 3 generators, 88-108 [Zbl 1104.03031]
Nourani, C. F., Functorial string models, 109-124 [Zbl 1104.03035]
Ovchinnikova, E. V., On Abelian groupoids with images of small cardinalities., 125-131 [Zbl 1103.20305]
Ovchinnikova, E. V.; Sudoplatov, S. V., On generating elements in generic algebras, 132-138 [Zbl 1104.03021]
Pinus, A. G., On the \(\exists^+\)-conditional varieties, \(\exists^+\)-conditional pseudovarieties and the implicit operations on them, 139-161 [Zbl 1101.08005]
Ponomarev, D. K., On decomposability of theories, 162-169 [Zbl 1104.03023]
Popova, A. M.; Zhurkov, S. V., Group of units of the integral group ring of the group \(\text{SL}_2(3)\)., 170-181 [Zbl 1103.16019]
Silaeva, N. V., Geometric realization of a root system., 182-203 [Zbl 1101.52304]
Sudoplatov, S. V., On varieties of generic classes, 204-208 [Zbl 1104.03022]
Tusupov, D. A., Algorithmic dimensions, computable structures and spectra of degrees of relations, 209-228 [Zbl 1104.03027]
Ushakov, Yu. Yu., Evaluation of the number of conjugacy classes for Lie type groups of rank 1., 229-236 [Zbl 1103.20011]
Verbovskiy, V., On expansions of a weakly o-minimal theory, 237-264 [Zbl 1104.03034]
Voevoda, A. A.; Chekhonadskikh, A. V., On metrics and optimization on the set of characteristic roots of an automatic control system, 265-274 [Zbl 1097.93005]
Voevoda, A. A.; Chekhonadskikh, A. V., On the rank of the Jacobi matrix of the roots and coefficients of a polynomial., 275-280 [Zbl 1104.12002]


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Zbl 0984.00010