Wittgenstein: a critical reader. (English) Zbl 1036.03005

Blackwell Critical Readers. Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishers (ISBN 0-631-19437-1/pbk; 0-631-19436-3/hbk). xxviii, 381 p. (2001).
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Wittgenstein’s main books, his Tractatus logico-philosophicus (1921) and his Philosophische Untersuchungen (1953), are both “among the few highlights of German philosophical prose” (p.xi), but “they also constitute a formidable challenge to readers”, not least because of their extremely different, in both cases unconventional writing style. They furthermore contradict each other in central aspects of the theory.
The book under review intends to be a key for both sides of Wittgenstein’s philosophy, thus providing an aid for teaching Wittgenstein’s entire work. In this purpose it supplements A. Kenny’s The Wittgenstein reader [Oxford, Blackwell Publishers (1994)]. Its essays comment on the selections published in this anthology.
Besides the editor’s preface (pp. xi–xx), the following contributions are published: H.-J. Glock, “The development of Wittgenstein’s philosophy” (pp. 1–25); H. Ishiguro, “The so-called picture theory: language and the world in Tractatus logico-philosophicus” (pp. 26–46); H. Mounce, “The logical system of the Tractatus” (pp. 47–58); E. Ammereller, “Wittgenstein on intentionality” (pp. 59–93); B. Rundle, “Meaning and understanding” (pp. 94–118); R. L. Arrington, “Following a rule” (pp. 119–137); O. Hanfling, “Thinking” (pp. 138–155); S. Candlish, “The will” (pp. 156–173); S. Schroeder, “Private language and private experience” (pp. 174–198); M. ter Hark, “The inner and the outer” (pp. 199–223); D. Bakhurst, “Wittgenstein and ‘I’” (pp. 224–245); S. Mulhall, “Seeing aspects” (pp. 246–267); P. Frascolla, “Philosophy of mathematics” (pp. 268–288); H. Schwyzer, “Autonomy” (pp. 289–304); A. C. Grayling, “Wittgenstein on scepticism and certainty” (pp. 305–321); P. M. S. Hacker, “Philosophy” (pp. 322–347); D. Z. Phillips, “Ethics, faith and ‘What can be said’” (pp. 348–366).


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