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Dissipative solitons and nonlinear resonance dynamics in \(2+1\) dimensions. (English) Zbl 1129.37040

Taş, K. (ed.) et al., Mathematical methods in engineering. Selected papers of the international symposium, MME06, Ankara, Turkey, April 27–29, 2006. Dordrecht: Springer (ISBN 978-1-4020-5677-2/hbk; 978-1-4020-5678-9/e-book). 435-444 (2007).
MSC:  37K10 35Q51
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Description of the damped oscillator by a singular Friedrichs operator. (English) Zbl 1059.81062

Accardi, Luigi (ed.) et al., Fundamental aspects of quantum physics. Proceedings of the Japan-Italy joint workshop on quantum open systems, quantum chaos and quantum measurement, Tokyo, Japan, September 27–29, 2001. River Edge, NJ: World Scientific (ISBN 981-238-295-X/hbk). QP–PQ: Quantum Probab. White Noise Anal. 17, 322-339 (2003).
MSC:  81Q10 82C10 47A70

A symmetric treatment of damped harmonic oscillator in extended phase space. (English) Zbl 1040.81052

Nikitin, A. G. (ed.) et al., Proceedings of the fourth international conference on symmetry in nonlinear mathematical physics, Kyïv, Ukraine, July 9–15, 2001. Part 2. Dedicated to the 200th anniversary of M. Ostrohrads’kyi. Kyïv: Institute of Mathematics of NAS of Ukraine (ISBN 966-02-2486-9). Proc. Inst. Math. Natl. Acad. Sci. Ukr., Math. Appl. 43(2), 645-651 (2002).
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