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How do interventions impact malaria dynamics between neighboring countries? A case study with Botswana and Zimbabwe. (English) Zbl 1460.92183

Segal, Rebecca (ed.) et al., Using mathematics to understand biological complexity. From cells to populations. Selected papers of the collaborative workshop for woman in mathematical biology, University of California, Los Angeles, CA, USA, June 17–21, 2019. Cham: Springer. Assoc. Women Math. Ser. 22, 83-109 (2021).
MSC:  92D30 92C60
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Dynamics for a periodic differential integral equation. (English) Zbl 0957.45013

Corduneanu, C. (ed.) et al., Volterra equations and applications. Proceedings of the Volterra centennial symposium, University of Texas, Arlington, TX, USA, May 23-25, 1996. London: Gordon and Breach Science Publishers. Stab. Control Theory Methods Appl. 10, 241-249 (2000).
MSC:  45K05 45M15 92D30

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