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On the geometry of red blood cell. (English) Zbl 0970.92009

Mladenov, I. M. (ed.) et al., Proceedings of the international conference on geometry, integrability and quantization, Varna, Bulgaria, September 1-10, 1999. Sofia: Coral Press Scientific Publishing. 27-46 (2000).
MSC:  92C37 53A05 92C50

Variation in conductivity of human erythrocytes caused by ascorbic acid. (A new method for following hemolysis). (English) Zbl 0904.92021

Shehab, Moufeed (ed.) et al., The 3rd international conference on engineering mathematics and physics, Cairo, Egypt, December 23–25, 1997. Vol. 1 and 2. Cairo: Cairo Univ., Faculty of Engineering, 653-656 (1997).
MSC:  92C30 92C50

Computer model for simulating control of the water and electrolyte state in the human body. (English) Zbl 0803.92015

Henry, Jacques (ed.) et al., System modelling and optimization. Proceedings of the 16th IFIP-TC7 conference, Compiègne, France, July 5-9, 1993. London: Springer-Verlag. Lect. Notes Control Inf. Sci. 197, 402-411 (1994).
MSC:  92C50 93A30

Magnetic parameters of blood cells and high-gradient paramagnetic and diamagnetic phoresis. (English. Russian original) Zbl 0554.76100

Magnetohydrodynamics 19, 349-359 (1983); translation from Magn. Gidrodyn. 1983, No. 4, 3-14 (1983).
Reviewer: A.Balint
MSC:  76Z05 76-05 76W05

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