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Recent advances in diffeologies and their applications. AMS-EMS-SMF special session, Université de Grenoble-Alpes, Grenoble, France, July 18–20, 2022. (English) Zbl 1531.53005

Contemporary Mathematics 794. Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society (AMS) (ISBN 978-1-4704-7254-2/pbk; 978-1-4704-7607-6/ebook). ix, 258 p. (2024).
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Polynomial functional dynamical systems. Reprint of the 2021 Morgan & Claypool edition. (English) Zbl 1519.37001

Synthesis Lectures on Mechanical Engineering 38. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-031-79710-1/hbk; 978-3-031-79708-8/pbk; 978-3-031-79709-5/ebook). xiii, 151 p. (2022).
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Calabi energies of extremal toric surfaces. (English) Zbl 1333.32030

Cao, Huai-Dong (ed.) et al., Geometry and topology. Lectures given at the geometry and topology conferences at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA, April 29–May 1, 2011 and Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, USA, May 25–27, 2012. Somerville, MA: International Press (ISBN 978-1-57146-269-5/hbk). Surveys in Differential Geometry 18, 195-226 (2013).
MSC:  32Q15 53C55 58D27
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Morse landscapes of Riemannian functionals and related problems. (English) Zbl 1230.58010

Bhatia, Rajendra (ed.) et al., Proceedings of the international congress of mathematicians (ICM 2010), Hyderabad, India, August 19–27, 2010. Vol. II: Invited lectures. Hackensack, NJ: World Scientific; New Delhi: Hindustan Book Agency (ISBN 978-981-4324-32-8/hbk; 978-81-85931-08-3/hbk; 978-981-4324-30-4/set; 978-981-4324-35-9/ebook). 862-881 (2011).
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Modern differential geometry in gauge theories. Vol. II: Yang-Mills fields. (English) Zbl 1185.18001

Progress in Mathematical Physics 42. Basel: Birkhäuser (ISBN 978-0-8176-4379-9/pbk; 978-0-8176-4634-9/e-book). xvii, 234 p. (2010).
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Nontriviality of Rankin-Selberg \(L\)-functions and CM points. (English) Zbl 1153.11025

Burns, David (ed.) et al., \(L\)-functions and Galois representations. Based on the symposium, Durham, UK, July 19–30, 2004. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (ISBN 978-0-521-69415-5/pbk). London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series 320, 121-186 (2007).

An introduction to the Linnik problems. (English) Zbl 1177.11034

Granville, Andrew (ed.) et al., Equidistribution in number theory, an introduction. Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on equidistribution in number theory, Montréal, Canada, July 11–22, 2005. Dordrecht: Springer (ISBN 978-1-4020-5403-7/pbk; 978-1-4020-5402-0/hbk). NATO Science Series II: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry 237, 197-216 (2007).
Reviewer: B. Z. Moroz (Bonn)
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Applied equivariant degree. (English) Zbl 1123.47043

AIMS Series on Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems 1. Springfield, MO: American Institute of Mathematical Sciences (ISBN 978-1-60133-001-7/hbk). xxiii, 552 p. (2006).

Non-Abelian vortices and a new Yang-Mills-Higgs energy. (English) Zbl 0806.53028

Greene, Robert (ed.) et al., Differential geometry. Part 2: Geometry in mathematical physics and related topics. Proceedings of a summer research institute, held at the University of California, Los Angeles, CA, USA, July 8-28, 1990. Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society. Proc. Symp. Pure Math. 54, Part 2, 85-98 (1993).
MSC:  53C07 32G13 53C55

Generic orbits of the diffeomorphism group of a two-manifold in the space \({\mathfrak G}_{reg}^*\) of regular momenta. (English) Zbl 0751.58003

Geometry and physics, Proc. Winter Sch., Srni/Czech. 1990, Suppl. Rend. Circ. Mat. Palermo, II. Ser. 26, 171-178 (1991).
MSC:  58D05 58D27

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