More facts about conjugate Banach spaces with the Radon-Nikodym property. II. (English) Zbl 0773.46008

Summary: We extend the results of [ibid. 31, 107-117 (1990)] by proving: if \(X\) is an Asplund space (respectively, \(X\) is a subspace of a gsg space) and \(K\) is a Corson compact then any operator from \(X\) to \(C(K)\) interpolates through a Banach space \(Y\) such that \(Y\) s both Asplund and hereditarily weakly compactly generated (respectively, \(Y\) is wcg). The techniques are much easier than those of the paper mentioned above and yield stronger results e.g. if \(K\) is a Corson compact that is the continuous image of a so called Radon-Nikodym compact then \(K\) is an Eberlein compact.


46B22 Radon-Nikodým, Kreĭn-Milman and related properties
46A50 Compactness in topological linear spaces; angelic spaces, etc.
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