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The quasilinear relaxation of the distribution function for the relativistic collisionless gravitating particles in the expanding universe. (Russian. English summary) Zbl 0544.70002
Summary: The potential and tensor perturbations of space-time metrics and the massless particles distribution function (radiation, neutrinos etc.) in the isotropic and homogeneous Universe are considered. The equations for fluctuation correlation functions are obtained from the set of Vlasov- Einstein equations. The influence of potential and tensor perturbations on the rate of the Universe expansion and on the massless particles spectrum is considered in the random-phase approximation. It is shown that for both types of fluctuations, the diffusion of a massles subsystem in the momentum space and the growth of particles’ average energy take place. The cosmological consequences of relic background and high- frequency graviation waves decoupling are discussed.

70A05 Axiomatics, foundations
83F05 Relativistic cosmology