My years of apprenticeship in Göttingen. (Guest lecture in algebra held on January 26th 1979 at Heidelberg) with a postface by Peter Roquette. (“Meine Göttinger Lehrjahre” (Gastvortrag in der Algebravorlesung, gehalten am 26. 1. 1979 in Heidelberg) mit einem Nachwort von Peter Roquette.) (German) Zbl 0903.01009

In this lecture B. L. van der Waerden gave a vivid picture on his studies in Amsterdam and in Göttingen. He sketched some lectures he had attended in Amsterdam and described the atmosphere at the Göttingen institute. In the second part of his lecture van der Waerden demonstrated the style of the new abstract algebra which he became acquainted with in Göttingen, taking the proof of the fundamental theorem of algebraic geometry (Noether’s theorem) and an application of the theorem as an example. In a postface P. Roquette reported about the invitation of van der Waerden to this lecture.


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Van der Waerden, Bartel L.