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Topology of the configuration space, singularities of the potential, and polynomial integrals of equations of dynamics. (English. Russian original) Zbl 1403.70009

Sb. Math. 207, No. 10, 1435-1449 (2016); translation from Mat. Sb. 207, No. 10, 80-95 (2016).
MSC:  70G40 37D50 37J35 70G10 70H06 70H07
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On linear singular functional-differential equations in a functional space. (English) Zbl 1114.34046

Siafarikas, Panayiotis D. (ed.), International conference on differential, difference equations and their applications, July 1–5, 2002, Patras, Greece. Cairo: Hindawi Publishing Corporation (ISBN 977-5945-14-3/hbk). 313-321 (2004).
MSC:  34K06

On first integrals of groups of complex linear transformations and of natural mechanical systems with a homogeneous potential. (English. Russian original) Zbl 1025.37033

Math. Notes 70, No. 6, 765-770 (2001); translation from Mat. Zametki 70, No. 6, 839-844 (2001).
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