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Harmonic analysis on homogeneous complex bounded domains and noncommutative geometry. (English) Zbl 1387.22014

Mason, Geoffrey (ed.) et al., Developments and retrospectives in Lie theory. Geometric and analytic methods. Retrospective selected papers based on the presentations at the seminar “Lie groups, Lie algebras and their representations”, 1991–2014. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-09933-0/hbk; 978-3-319-09934-7/ebook). Developments in Mathematics 37, 41-76 (2014).
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Higher localized analytic indices and strict deformation quantization. (English) Zbl 1207.22001

Abbaspour, Hossein (ed.) et al., Deformation spaces. Perspectives on algebro-geometric moduli. Including papers from the workshops held at the Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik, Bonn, Germany, July 2007 and August 2008. Wiesbaden: Vieweg+Teubner (ISBN 978-3-8348-1271-1/hbk; 978-3-8348-9680-3/ebook). Aspects of Mathematics E40, 91-111 (2010).
MSC:  22A22 53D17
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Quantization of Poisson algebras associated to Lie algebroids. (English) Zbl 1013.46053

Ramsay, Arlan (ed.) et al., Groupoids in analysis, geometry, and physics. AMS-IMS-SIAM joint summer research conference, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, USA, June 20-24, 1999. Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society (AMS). Contemp. Math. 282, 159-192 (2001).
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Deformation quantization of Fréchet-Poisson algebras: Convergence of the Moyal product. (English) Zbl 0987.53036

Dito, Giuseppe (ed.) et al., Conférence Moshé Flato 1999: Quantization, deformations, and symmetries, Dijon, France, September 5-8, 1999. Volume II. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. Math. Phys. Stud. 22, 233-245 (2000).
MSC:  53D55 81S10

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