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Danes, Josef

Published as:   Danes, Josef; Daneš, Josef; Danes, J.
Documents: 28 Publications indexed (1962–1995)
Co-Authors: Kolomy, Josef; Bečvář, Jindřich; Durdil, Jiri; …
Main Fields: Operator theory (47-XX); Functional analysis (46-XX); General topology (54-XX)

Danes, Jeffrey E.

Published as:   Danes, Jeffrey E.
Documents: 2 Publications indexed (1980–1984)
Co-Authors: Hunter, John E.; Bochner, Arthur P.; Cappella, Joseph N.; …
Main Fields: Statistics (62-XX); Numerical analysis (65-XX); Game theory, economics, finance, and other social and behavioral sciences (91-XX); Biology and other natural sciences (92-XX); ...

Daneš, Jan

Published as:   Daneš, Jan
Documents: 1 Publication indexed (2009)
Co-Authors: Grim, Jiří; Haindl, Michal; Somol, Petr
Main Fields: Computer science (68-XX); Biology and other natural sciences (92-XX)