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Anderson, James Milne

Published as:   Anderson, J.; Anderson, J. M.; Anderson, J. Milne; Anderson, James; Anderson, James M.; Anderson, James Milne
Documents: 118 Publications indexed (1964–2019)
Co-Authors: Hinkkanen, Aimo; Clunie, James Gourlay; Pitt, Loren D.; ...
Main Fields: Functions of a complex variable (30-XX); Systems theory; control (93-XX); Functional analysis (46-XX); Approximations and expansions (41-XX); Potential theory (31-XX)

Milne, Andrew J.

Published as:   Milne, A.; Milne, Andrew; Milne, Andrew J.
Documents: 8 Publications indexed (2008–2019)
Co-Authors: Sethares, William A.; Bulger, David W.; Herff, Steffen A.; ...
Main Fields: General and overarching topics; collections (00-XX); Fluid mechanics (76-XX); Combinatorics (05-XX)

Milne, B. J.

Published as:   Milne, B. J.
Documents: 1 Publication indexed (1976)
Co-Authors: Jones, Ryan
Main Fields:

Milne, Christopher J.

Published as:   Milne, Christopher J.
Documents: 1 Publication indexed (2004)
Co-Authors: Clarke, Brenton R.
Main Fields:

Milne, George J.

Published as:   Milne, G.; Milne, G. J.; Milne, George; Milne, George J.
Documents: 14 Publications indexed (1979–2007)
Co-Authors: Bailey, Andrew D. jun.; Cerone, Antonio; McCaskill, George A.; ...
Main Fields: Computer science (68-XX)

Milne, James Stuart

Published as:   Milne, J. S.; Milne, James; Milne, James S.; Milne, James Stuart
Documents: 72 Publications indexed (1968–2020)
Co-Authors: Shih, Kuang-yen; Ramachandran, Niranjan; Clozel, Laurent; ...
Main Fields: Algebraic geometry (14-XX); Number theory (11-XX)

Milne, J. J.

Published as:   Milne, J.; Milne, J. J.
Documents: 21 Publications indexed (1887–1935)
Co-Authors: Davis, R. F.
Main Fields:

Milne, J. R.

Published as:   Milne, J.; Milne, J. R.
Documents: 7 Publications indexed (1895–1920)
Co-Authors: Levy, Hyman
Main Fields:

Milne, R. John

Published as:   Milne, R. John
Documents: 2 Publications indexed (2015–2019)
Co-Authors: Denton, Brian T.; Fordyce, Kenneth; Kattan, Lina; ...
Main Fields: Operations research, mathematical programming (90-XX)

Milne, W. J.

Published as:   Milne, W. J.
Documents: 14 Publications indexed (1899–1912)
Main Fields: