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Noether, Emiliana Pasca

Published as:   Noether, Emiliana P.
Documents: 1 Publication indexed (1983)
Co-Authors: Noether, Gottfried Emanuel
Main Fields: History and biography (01-XX)

Noether, Emmy

Published as:   Noether, E.; Noether, Emmy
Documents: 72 Publications indexed (1908–2022)
Co-Authors: Artin, Emil; Van der Waerden, Bartel Leendert; Dedekind, Richard; …
Main Fields: History and biography (01-XX); Field theory and polynomials (12-XX); Commutative algebra (13-XX); General and overarching topics; collections (00-XX); Number theory (11-XX); ...

Noether, Fritz

Published as:   Noether, F.; Noether, Fritz; Noether, Fr.
Documents: 38 Publications indexed (1909–1937)
Co-Authors: Waetzmann, Erich; Ollendorff, Franz; Perron, Oskar; …
Main Fields: Functions of a complex variable (30-XX)

Noether, Gottfried Emanuel

Published as:   Noether, Gottfried Emanuel; Noether, Gottfried E.; Noether, G. E.
Documents: 28 Publications indexed (1948–1991)
Co-Authors: Dueker, Marilynn; Noether, Emiliana Pasca; van Elteren, Ph.
Main Fields: Statistics (62-XX); History and biography (01-XX)