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Esenwein-Rothe, Ingeborg

Published as:   Esenwein-Rothe, I.; Esenwein-Rothe, Ingeborg
Documents: 3 Publications indexed (1975–1982)
Main Fields: History and biography (01-XX); Statistics (62-XX)

Rothé, Edmond

Published as:   Rothé, E.; Rothé, Edmond
Documents: 7 Publications indexed (1901–1952)
Co-Authors: Rothé, Jean-Pierre
Main Fields:

Rothe, Erich Hans

Published as:   Rothe, E. H.; Rothe, E.; Rothe, Erich; Rothe, Erich H.
Documents: 74 Publications indexed (1927–1986)
Co-Authors: Bott, Raoul Harry; Hildebrandt, Theophil Henry; Ritt, Robert K.; …
Main Fields: Operator theory (47-XX); Global analysis, analysis on manifolds (58-XX)

Rothe, K. E.

Published as:   Rothe, K. E.
Documents: 2 Publications indexed (1982–1995)
Co-Authors: Carreras, Benjamin A.; Hicks, H. R.; Holmes, J. A.; …
Main Fields: Numerical analysis (65-XX); Fluid mechanics (76-XX)

Rothe, R. E.

Published as:   Rothe, R. E.
Documents: 1 Publication indexed (1969)
Main Fields:

Rothe, Rudolf

Published as:   Rothe, R.; Rothe, Rudolf; Rothe, Rudolf Ernst
Documents: 121 Publications indexed (1897–1961)
Co-Authors: Degosang, Oskar; Ollendorff, Franz; Pohlhausen, Karl; …
Main Fields: General and overarching topics; collections (00-XX); Real functions (26-XX)