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Ross, David A.

48 Publications (1986–2024) indexed
46 Citations
Co-Authors: Bonn, Daniel; Cutland, Nigel J.; Meunier, Jacques; …
Main Fields: Measure and integration (28-XX); Mathematical logic and foundations (03-XX); Real functions (26-XX); ...
Published as: Ross, David A.; Ross, David

Ross, David J.

26 Publications (1976–2019) indexed
Co-Authors: Bonn, Daniel; Meunier, Jacques; Mohapatra, Ram Narayan; …
Main Fields: Mechanics of particles and systems (70-XX); Systems theory; control (93-XX); Optics, electromagnetic theory (78-XX)
Published as: Ross, David J.

Ross, David L.

29 Publications (1986–2019) indexed
Co-Authors: Sajjadi, Shahrdad G.; Bonn, Daniel; Meunier, Jacques; …
Main Fields: Fluid mechanics (76-XX)
Published as: Ross, David L.

Ross, David Stuart

44 Publications (1986–2021) indexed
58 Citations
Co-Authors: Agyingi, Ephraim O.; Friedman, Avner; Weinstein, Steven J.; …
Main Fields: Biology and other natural sciences (92-XX); Partial differential equations (35-XX); Fluid mechanics (76-XX); ...
Published as: Ross, David S.; Ross, David; Ross, David Stuart; Ross, D.

Ross, David W.

37 Publications (1969–2019) indexed
46 Citations
Co-Authors: Mahajan, Swadesh M.; Hazeltine, R. D.; Strauss, H. R.; …
Main Fields: Fluid mechanics (76-XX)
Published as: Ross, David W.; Ross, D. W.

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