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Raggi-Cárdenas, Alberto Gerardo

29 Publications (1986–2020) indexed
Cited in 36 Documents
Co-Authors: Valero-Elizondo, Luis; Cardenas, Humberto; Lluís Riera, Emilio; …
Main Fields: \(K\)-theory (19-XX); Associative rings and algebras (16-XX); Group theory and generalizations (20-XX); ...
Published as: Raggi-Cárdenas, Alberto G.; Raggi-Cárdenas, Alberto; Raggi-Cárdenas, A. G.; Raggi-Cárdenas, Alberto Gerardo; Raggi-Cárdenas, A.; Raggi, Gerardo; Raggi-Cárdenas, A. Gerardo; Raggi-Cárdenas, Gerardo; Raggi, Alberto

Valero-Elizondo, Luis

15 Publications (2001–2023) indexed
Cited in 17 Documents
Co-Authors: Raggi-Cárdenas, Alberto Gerardo; Boltje, Robert; Cortés-Medina, Adán; …
Main Fields: \(K\)-theory (19-XX)
Published as: Valero-Elizondo, Luis

Vieyra-Sánchez, Eder

1 Publication (2014) indexed
Co-Authors: Martínez-López, Margarita; Raggi-Cárdenas, Alberto Gerardo; Valero-Elizondo, Luis
Main Fields: \(K\)-theory (19-XX)
Published as: Vieyra-Sánchez, Eder

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