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The co-authors path between Celi, Christopher and Erdős, Pál has 4 edges.

0. Celi, Christopher

A vulnerability in implementations of SHA-3, SHAKE, EdDSA, and other NIST-approved algorithms. (English) Zbl 07745599
Rosulek, Mike (ed.), Topics in cryptology – CT-RSA 2023. Cryptographers’ track at the RSA conference 2023, San Francisco, CA, USA, April 24–27, 2023. Proceedings. Cham: Springer. Lect. Notes Comput. Sci. 13871, 3-28 (2023)

1. Mouha, Nicky

\(T_5\): Hashing five inputs with three compression calls. (English) Zbl 07706056
Tessaro, Stefano (ed.), 2nd conference on information-theoretic cryptography. ITC 2021, July 23–26, 2021, virtual conference. Wadern: Schloss Dagstuhl – Leibniz-Zentrum für Informatik. LIPIcs – Leibniz Int. Proc. Inform. 199, Article 24, 23 p. (2021)

2. Dodis, Yevgeniy

Universal configurations in light-flipping games. (English) Zbl 1004.91015
Kosaraju, Deborah, Proceedings of the 12th annual ACM-SIAM symposium on discrete algorithms. Washington, DC, USA, January 7-9, 2001. Philadelphia, PA: SIAM, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. 926-927 (2001).

3. Winkler, Peter M.

4. Erdős, Pál