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Co-authors path:

The co-authors path between D’Hayer, Joffrey and Erdős, Pál has 4 edges.

0. D’Hayer, Joffrey

The GLUON family: a lightweight hash function family based on FCSRs. (English) Zbl 1291.94057
Mitrokotsa, Aikaterini (ed.) et al., Progress in cryptology – AFRICACRYPT 2012. 5th international conference on cryptology in Africa, Ifrane, Morocco, July 10–12, 2012. Proceedings. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-642-31409-4/pbk). Lecture Notes in Computer Science 7374, 306-323 (2012).

1. Minier, Marine

Stochastic cryptanalysis of Crypton. (English) Zbl 0999.94545
Schneier, Bruce (ed.), Fast software encryption. 7th international workshop, FSE 2000, New York, NY, USA, April 10-12, 2000. Proceedings. Berlin: Springer. Lect. Notes Comput. Sci. 1978, 121-133 (2001).

2. Gilbert, Henri

3. Odlyzko, Andrew M.

4. Erdős, Pál