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New Review Submission Interface

Dear Reviewer,
We recently updated the Review Submission Interface to provide some new and much requested functionality. Changes include:

New Login Scheme
Instead of providing a document number, you can now more safely and more easily log in by entering your Reviewer ID and an email address associated with your account. An authentication link will be sent to you via email. If you do not know which email address corresponds to your reviewer account, please contact
Alternatively, you can set a password for your account using the menu on the top right once you are logged in.
MSC Chooser and Preview Box
When you start entering an MSC into the classification field, a list of possible matches will be displayed, enabling you to directly select one from the list. Entering an English word will show a list of MSCs which have that word in their description.
Moreover, when you enter your review, a preview box on the right hand side will show a preview of your review as you type it.
Autosave Functionality
Everything you enter into the review submission form will be saved immediately. Thus you can stop writing your review at any point and continue at a later time.
Once you are finished writing your review, please click the "Submit Review" button at the bottom of the form.
Upcoming Features
Features planned for the future include
  • a downloadable list of your completed reviews
  • the possibility to change your personal data through the web interface
  • an overview of your reviewer account

If you encounter any problems while using the review submission interface, please do not hesitate to contact!