Benefits and Privileges for Reviewers

Review Material and Financial Compensation

Hardcopies of books and articles that you have reviewed remain your property.

In compensation for your out-of-pocket expenses, you will be credited with a flat rate of 3.00 EUR per review (excluding book reviews and authors’ abstracts).

Discount on Springer Books

Springer Verlag grants reviewers of zbMATH a discount of 40% on Springer books ordered for their personal use in case of cash payment. The discount is increased to 50% if the reviewer’s credit is used for the purchase.

How to Receive These Benefits

In the menu on the top right hand side, please choose "View Account" to find your current account balance. Click "Claim Benefits" to debit your accrued royalties or order a Springer book. Here you also have the option to make a donation to the EMS Committee for Developing Countries. Alternatively, or in case of problems, you can also make your request directly to our editorial office at

Please read also: Review Contents and Style Guide, Organizational Aspects of the Reviewing Task, Legal Matters, and Newsletter.

For a printable version please go to our complete Guide for Reviewers in A4 or in Letter format.