Organizational Aspects of the Reviewing Task

Contact with the Editorial Office

For any questions related to your reviewing task, please contact us:

In particular, please inform us as early and precisely as possible about any changes of your address, e-mail address or fields of interest so that we can correct our files.

When assigning reviews to you, we always try to meet your fields of interest. But if you do not want to review a particular paper, please return it to us as soon as possible with a short comment and perhaps a recommendation for another reviewer.

Please also contact us if you wish to receive less or more articles or books, or if you wish a hiatus for a certain period.

Delivery of Items to be Reviewed

Books to be reviewed will be sent to you via normal mail, articles in the majority of cases as an e-mail attachment in PDF format. Please understand that the latter will not always be possible, due to lack of availability or copyright restrictions of the respective publishers.

Time for Reviewing

Prompt publication of reviews enhances their usefulness. If possible, please provide us with your review within eight weeks. In case you need more time for your review, please let us know.

Review Submission

We prefer to receive your review electronically via our Web Submission Form. Alternatively, you may send your review by e-mail to or via mail to our postal address.

International Editorial Units

Since the late 1990s, zbMATH has expanded its editorial basis with the installation of a number of cooperating external editorial units in different countries. Hence it may happen that from time to time you will receive material for reviewing from these external editorial units. In this case you need to send your review back to the respective cooperating unit. In all other respects, including the benefits and privileges described below, there is no difference to the usual reviewing process.

Please read also: Review Contents and Style Guide, Legal Matters, Benefits and Privileges for Reviewers, and Newsletter.

For a printable version please go to our complete Guide for Reviewers in A4 or in Letter format.